Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monsters Inc

 Suddenly I felt the need for something “light”, something entertaining. To me, it is still a must and is to date my favourite animated movie: Monsters Inc, released in 2001. High five to Pixar studios.


Inhabitants in Monstropolis generate their power through the screams of Children. Sully, helped by Mike Wazowski, is the top scarer, the best at frightening children, supposed to be lethal creatures for any monster that gets in contact with them. One day, a door between the “real” world and Monstropolis is left open and Boo, a little girl, enters Monstropolis, and changes everyone’s lives forever.

TV Anchorman: If witnesses are to be believed, there has been a child security breach for the first time in monster history.

CDA Agent: We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child here tonight.

Witness #1: Well the kid flew right over me and blasted a car with its laser vision.

Witness #2: I tried to get away from it, but he picked me up with his mind powers and shook me like a doll.

Witness #3: [has many eyes] It's true! I saw the whole thing!

Professor on TV: It is my professional opinion that now it's the time to *panic*!

There's nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you. Leave a door open, and one can walk right into this factory; right into the monster world.

Of course, a few lessons carefully hidden can be picked up on the way.

 Lesson 1: Energy consumption is soaring. Monstropolis faces an electricity shortage which is turning into a real problem. Reminds you of something?

The energy crisis will only get worse, because of you!

Lesson 2: Keep your innocence. The reason for electricity shortage is that children are not scared that easily anymore: they watch a lot of TV where violent images become the norm.

Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to.

Lesson 3: Find the courage to face your fears. Randall is Boo’s monster: the one that scares her most so she’ll scream. As the adventure goes and she gets attached to Sully, she gets really pissed off when Randall fight Sully and, in a very funny scene (to me one of the most hilarious scenes of the film, with the one where Sully faints), kicks his butt.

Boo jumps on Randall and attacks him

Boo: Roar! Roar!

Sully: She's not scared of you any more.

Boo: Roar!

Sully: Looks like you're out of a job.

Lesson 4? Be happy. Screams generate energy but…. Laughter even more! Why make someone miserable when having everyone happy can lead to a win-win situation?

Laughter has ten times the energy of scream

A fantastic movie, led by trio Sulley / Mike / Boo – easy as it goes to spot the growing affection between these three, and particularly between Boo and Sully. I found Boo adorable, and Sully and Mike incredibly funny and touching. Randall is perfect as the villain without any feeling. This is a kids’ movie, so it is mainly black or white, nice or mean, you will not find grey…

Sully: Hey... may the best monster win.

Randall: I plan to.

A must! Extremely fun, extremely sensitive, for kids, teenagers and adults, more or less young! I hear Monsters Inc 2 is coming up, will you be able to wait?

Once the movie end, keep going, you'll have some additional missed scenes, and a few other ones really enjoyable to watch....

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