Monday, March 7, 2011


Buried (2010) is not a classic, and talking about it might be questioned. However I felt it was worth an entry on this blog. Ryan Reynolds is Paul Conroy, an Iraq-based truck driver who gets ambushed and buried in a box. His captors provide him with a cell phone he can use to send videos and communicate with  them and with potential rescuers.

This is not the plot I had expected and, as such, I was pleasantly surprised. It is of course claustrophobic, but director Rodrigo Cortés manages through his filming to get the spectator in immediately. Things are simple: one man, one place. Being buried is terrifying, and Ryan Reynolds communicates that panic very well – to me the worst part was more about the attitude of people on the outside: it is easier to understand the captors’ motives than the “good guys’”. Frankly, I do not think the movie gives a good image of the US military or US corporate. The worst for me was having the HR director calmly telling Paul Conroy his employment has been terminated, and the company cannot be held responsible for what happens to him – there goes the insurance money. After seeing that, you would think twice about putting yourself in danger!! 

I liked the Dan Brenner character, although I could not make out if he is a genuinely good guy, or not at all concerned by Paul’s situation, like everyone else seems to be. The scene with the snake was a bit too much, trying to add another 5 minutes to the film? The filming is fantastic: plenty of different angles that give the impression of larger space. Ending is bitter-sweet but a perfect conclusion.

It stars one person but you will see 15 people in the ending credits, including Reynolds – it amused me, given we hear voices only, I probably would have tried to use some of them more than one time… I found some amusing comments on the film that you can find here. My favourites include:

A snake that came out of your pants is dangerous only when it leaves your body without biting you

When someone wants to record a conversation, hang up.

Jokes aside, great job for pulling it – in spite of some inconsistencies, this is gripping and I would definitely recommend it, although that opinion might be questionable. Not to be watched alone. You will either love it or hate it.

And to quote Dan Brenner: I’m so sorry Paul.

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