Monday, January 24, 2011


It all started recently

I love TV. I love TV shows. And I love movies. Recently however, I was having dinner with friends, and they started mentionning recent movies, some of them that got Oscars, and I could not comment. My expertise is with rom-coms, action movies, movies easily watched and easily forgotten. On the spot I decided to tackle a new challenge: renew my collection, and watch only "must-see movies". The internet being full of resources, I have now compiled a list of movies everybody ("everybody" being of course a subjective term, and representative of my opinion only) should see, and will start with those. Hopefully by the time I reach the end of that list I will have been provided with suggestions for new ones!

This blog will provide feedback on each experience, and ensure that I go through with it.Thanks and be in touch soon!

xx MovieFan

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