Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yes, I know, it has been an extremely long time. As I love musicals, and teenage movies such as the John Hughes movies, I decided to watch Fame, released in 1980 and directed by Alan Parker, wich stars Irene Cara (unforgettable interpreter of the movie song Fame) and Paul McCrane as Montgomery McNeil (and incidentally, Dr Romano in ER !), among others. 

Basically, the movie follow the stories of various students in New York, trying to make it to the art scene: dancing, acting, singing, the whole range’s here. The students we follow are ambitious Coco Hernandez, shy Doris Finsecker, sensitive Montgomery MacNeil, “mad at the world” Leroy Johnson, and abrasive Raul Garcia.

Overall, I would say the movie has not aged well, compared to others, and is a reflexion on how much you have to fight to make it into show business. There are some good moments with cool dance scenes, nice performances, however overall the plot is predictable, so are the characters (see description above!), which I found globally extremely disappointing. And I was expecting so much!

Some of the good scenes, which also create expectations for the rest of the film, happen at the audition at the beginning of the movie. I like that Raul goes around to every art department saying that his father was great at every one.  I like the dance scene with Leroy Johnson completely outshining his partner, and oh my God the outfits were just ridiculous. Granted, at the time it may have been “in”, but that is also why I think this movie did not age well.

One good thing about the movie is off course the music. Irene Cara has a great voice.
No quote for this one, I really tried but could not find anything memorable. Overall, maybe not a waste of time because I think this s one of those movies you need to see, but don’t expect too much.